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Sadly, summer break is over for your children. This means they need to go back to school and do well in their studies. However, for you as a parent, this also means you need to get them ready for it!

Among the responsibilities you have to take on, comes making a school lunch your kids can snack on to keep their energy up to finish the day. This can be a tiring job, but don't worry! Great Harvest in Butte has a few simple, healthy and tasty ideas you can use!

Easy School Lunch Ideas

Healthy Sandwich

Sandwiches can be the perfect balanced meal! Get good whole grain bread, lean meats (like turkey ham) and lots of vegetables (e.g. tomato and avocado) to make a delicious snack.

Protein Toast

If you want to provide your child with the energy to carry on in his/her school day, a peanut or almond butter toast can be a great option! They are filled with protein to keep them learning.


A cheese and turkey ham quesadilla can be an easy alternative to eat at school. You can even top it off with some tomato or guacamole to give it a tastier and healthier approach.

Almonds, Nut, Seeds and Fruit

Talk about a healthy option! Almonds, nuts and seeds have a ton of protein, which will help keep your child's energy up. Pairing them with fruit will give your kid a sweet treat, too.

Hummus Dip

Every kid wants potato chips for school lunch. However, this isn't the best option! Still, pita bread and hummus dip can be a nutritious and delicious alternative for your child to enjoy.

A Dessert!

Every once in a while, a treat can be good to get your child excited about lunch time! For example, a muffin or baked sweet can be the perfect choice to pamper your kid at school.

Come for the Best Bread in Butte!

If you want to make these school lunches even more flavorful, you'll need to come to Great Harvest! Our whole grain bread selection is sure to provide the taste and nutrients your child needs to do well in school. Plus, we also have a dessert menu to cater to your kid's sweet tooth.
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