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Keep Your Friends Belly's Full and Their Eyes on the Game

When it's your turn to host the game it can be a little hard to think of ways to keep your friends fed and energetic. If the weekend has rolled around and you're looking for more ways to enjoy those last remaining slices of that delicious bread you bought, Great Harvest, Butte, WA is here to help.

Keep It Classic - BLT

Here's what you'll need: Enough tasty slices of tasty bread for each sandwich Some ice-burg lettuce Ripened tomatoes - the riper the better About 8 tablespoons of mayonnaise

What You'll Need to Do

Here's what most people don't know - the tip to the perfect BLT is how you cook the bacon. Once you've got your bacon sizzling nice and crispy, remove it from the plan and place it on paper towels, preferable over a rack. As the oil soaks into the paper towel, the oil is dries and becomes extra crispy.Get your bread into the toaster, covering one side of each slice with mayo once it's done.Throw on a couple of slices of tomato, the lettuce, and the most important...the bacon.

A Great Way to Make the Most out of Your Fresh Bread in Butte

There you have it! Your friends are ready to be fed with an old classic done well - all whilst making use of the delicious bread you and your family enjoyed through the week. Now that the loaf is finished, it's time to give Great Harvest, Butte, WA a call on (406) 723-4988 and see which fresh and healthy breads they have baked to supply your family through the week.
Great Harvest Bread of Butte