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Packing a Great Gift Basket

Here at Great Harvest, Butte, WA we understand the importance of both fresh bread, and the perfect gift. Starting our day milling our own grains lets us provide you with the freshest bread in Butte, while our expert taste buds give us just the right skill to put together the perfect gift basket.

A Gift Basket for a Small Gathering

If you’re heading over for a small gathering of two for dinner and maybe a movie, then it’s best to keep it simple and dessert based. Include a small loaf of an old favourite such as a Honey Whole Wheat along with some fresh gourmet jam. A great complement to a cup of tea or coffee. Adding a bit of sweetness, include a few cinnamon rolls, brownies and cookies to enjoy as snacks as the movie rolls.

Help out the Host With a Gift Basket

If the event you’re going to is a larger one and you’re looking to give the host a helping hand, then a baked goods gift basket is the perfect gift to bring. A mixture of a Harvest White and a Fresh Dakota loaves make for a delicious and perfect gift to give the host a helping hand, providing a tasty base for any type of sandwich. Depending on the amount of guests, include a platter of cookies, pumpkin bars, fruit bars, brownies and of course, muffins! Hand this over to the host of your next gathering and watch their smile grow!

When You're the Primary Contributor

If the next breakfast gathering you’re going to is your own, then the perfect gift basket is your own one! On your way to your breakfast, bring a basket down to Great Harvest, Butte, WA and let us fill it a range of tasty breakfast treats. Starting with a a few nutrition packed veggie omelettes, we can add some tasty traditional breakfast sandwiches along with gourmet pancakes and freshly made french toast. Throw in a few biscuits and some gravy and you’ve got your group fed all morning.

Only the Freshest Bread in Butte

To easily take care of your next event or to help you bring along the perfect gift basket, give us a call here at Great Harvest, Butte on (406) 723-4988 and ask what tasty treats we have freshly baked and ready for you today.
Great Harvest Bread of Butte