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Health Benefits to Eating Whole Grain Breads

If you find that your family feels sluggish and ;short of energy after lunch, it might be time to swap your bread for something whole grain based. ;In this post, Great Harvest in Butte ;has some little known benefits to making the switch to whole grain breads.

How to Keep Your Kids Full of Energy

Once your kids have finished eating lunch they just want to get back out there and keep playing. This is where whole grain breads can help. With a low G.I (Glycemic Index), whole grain breads moderate the release of energy which allows your kids to play for longer, in ;comparison to regular white breads which may find them feeling sleepy and lacking in energy shortly after eating.

A Healthy Heart for Healthy Parents

Don't be fooled - whole grain breads aren't just beneficial for your kids. If you are concerned about blood pressure, then try whole grain breads. ;People who made the switch to whole gran breads saw a reduction in their blood pressure, which is a key contributor to heart disease. In addition to this, whole grain breads can also help you to manage your cholesterol levels.

Healthy Freshly Baked Bread in Butte

With so many benefits to whole grain breads, ;it's time to make the switch! If you are interested in keeping your ;family's meals and bodies healthy, speak with Great Harvest in Butte on 406 723 4988 about which delicious and healthy breads we have baked fresh. Milling our grains each morning ensures a fresh and tasty loaf every time.

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