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The Right Cheese for the Job

You are going to be hard-pressed to find somebody that doesn't enjoy the quick and easy indulgence of a grilled cheese sandwich. However, while you likely grew up putting two pieces of American cheese between some toast, this classic treat has more to offer. To help you take your grilled cheese sandwich to another level, Great Harvest, Butte, WA has information on three different kinds of cheese for you to try.

When Only the Best Will Do

If you simply must have the tastiest and most gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, then France has you covered. Known as a "Croque Monsieur," this dish is widely accepted as the pinnacle of a grilled cheese sandwich. The trick is to head to a specialty cheese store and pick up some Gruyere. Gruyere has sharp earthy flavors with a touch of sweetness and when paired with fresh bread in Butte, makes for the best grilled cheese sandwich you've tasted.

If You Are out to Impress

If you fancy yourself a bit of a cheese connoisseur and want to impress your friends, try a combination of a blue cheese and your regular feta. While it may not result in a gooey texture that creeps over the edge of your bread, the flavor it creates is something your taste buds simply need to try.

A Block of Cheese We All Know, but Rarely Try

If you look at Swiss cheese as you shop, however for some reason always pass it by, it is time to give it a try. With a very distinct flavor, Swiss cheese makes for a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Most people who know the cheese tend to avoid using it in cooking as they expect it to become oily, however when grilled this is not a problem, and it holds its shape quite well.

The Perfect Cheese for the Freshest Bread in Butte

Of course, what's a good cheese without the freshest bread in Butte to go with it? Give Great Harvest, Butte, WA a call today at (406) 723-4988 and find out which freshly baked bread is waiting for you in store. With a range of tasty bread to choose from you are sure to find the right one for your next grilled cheese sandwich adventure.
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