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If you've yet to try quinoa, you should think of putting it on your ;next shopping list. It can be used as a grain, meat substitute, and even a substitute for eggs in certain recipes. You'll also find that it's full of vitamins, has 14 grams of protein, and high amounts of magnesium, in just 100 grams of uncooked quinoa. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of energy, and just how full you are, once you've eaten quinoa. There are numerous excellent recipes for savory quinoa dishes that are worth checking out. However today at Great Harvest in Butte we would like to supply you with a few of our favorite sweet treat recipes with quinoa. Let us start with a simple Quinoa with cinnamon and orange.Here's what you'll need:1 cup of quinoa2 ; cups of vanilla almond milk2 tablespoons of orange juice1 tablespoon of sugar1 tablespoon of orange zest4/3 teaspoon of cinnamon ; teaspoon of nutmegsugar as needed-you can always use honey or agave as a sugar substituteDirections:Combine the uncooked quinoa, almond milk and orange juice in a saucepan, over medium heatStir in the seasonings and mix wellBring the mixture to a light boil and then turn the heat to high Let the mixture bubble for one minute then drop the heat to simmer againLet mixture simmer for 20-30 minutesOnce the quinoa is tender, serve the mixture hot, with fresh orange zest, nuts, and any extra ingredients you'd likeAnother great, and easy treat, are these chocolate quinoa breakfast cookies. Ingredients:Preheat the oven to 350Grease baking sheet lightlyPut all ingredients in a mixing bowl and combineDrop the mixture onto the baking sheet using a large spoon or scoopBake for 18-20 minutes and watch for the cookies to become slightly firmLet cool and enjoyDirections: ; teaspoon of salt-kosher or sea salt ; cup of quick cooking oats3 tablespoons of cocoa powder3 tablespoons maple syrup or agave honey ; cup of creamy peanut butter2 cups of cooked quinoaIf you find that quinoa isn't your thing, that's ok too. You can always check out this delicious recipes for ;key lime pie ;or stop by ;Great Harvest ;for the best bread and sweets in Butte. ;Give us a call to see what we've prepared fresh for you today, (406)723-4988
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