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Face the Cold Head on With a Warm Stomach Filled With Fresh Bread in Butte

If you've come to this page then it's very likely the weather outside is...less than sunny and you've probably got the heat turned up - and we don't blame you! To help you out with these cold days and especially cold mornings, Great Harvest, Butte, WA has a few tasty ideas to share.

Start With a Favorite

Not always at the top of the breakfast list for most people, more and more are enjoying the warm and delicious benefits of a morning pasty. Filled with everything you need to get you going in the morning, these handy treats make a great complement to your morning coffee and can give you a great start to the day.

Boost the Classics

The smell of fresh bread and toast cooking in the morning is enough to get any family member out of bed and into the kitchen, so why not add a healthier kick to it. Replace your store bought bread with a Honey Whole Wheat made from freshly milled wheat each morning. Add your own condiments to turn your classic breakfast into a healthier one.

Did We Mention Sweets?

Unlikely to let you go without a delicious sweet treat, give your tastebuds what they really crave from Cinnamon rolls, freshly baked (and extra delicious) scones, along with the classics such as a range of muffins and the always crowd pleasing brownies.

We've Got Your Covered With Fresh Bread in Butte

If you're a little stuck for time in the morning, don't worry, Great Harvest, Butte, WA has you covered. Give us a call at (406) 723-4988 and find out which tasty treats and fresh bread in Butte we've baked ready for you today!
Great Harvest Bread of Butte