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Thanksgiving is tomorrow! If you're having trouble putting a dessert menu together that can capture the spirit of this celebration, worry no more! The Great Harvest in Butte has a few ideas for an easy, last-minute, adorably delicious Thanksgiving dessert.

Here, you'll find a list of cupcake decorations ideas inspired by Thanksgiving. Remember that it doesn't matter if the decorations aren't perfect. Just make sure to have fun, be creative and put in a lot of love!

What You'll Need Beforehand!

Cupcakes: Get as many cupcakes as you want/need and in the flavors you and your guests enjoy the most!
Frosting/: This will provide the color for the cupcakes, so make sure you check out the tips below, decide which ones you want to try and then, get frosting in the suggested colors for that decoration.


A spatula, frosting bags and decorating tips in different sizes, and toothpicks are the essentials so your creativeness can take shape in your cupcakes.
Additional Decoration/
Anything you may want to add to your cupcakes to make them extra special: candy corn, sprinkles, etc. 

Thanksgiving Inspired Sweet Treats

The Gobble Gobble Cupcakes 

Turkey as the main course, turkey cupcakes as dessert! For this idea, spread a generous amount of chocolate or brown frosting all over the top using your spatula. 
Then, with a frosting bag filled with the same flavor and a wide tip, build up a ball of frosting on one of the edges of the top of the cupcake (this will be the head). brbrAdd two white frosting circles in the “face” for the eyeballs and a smaller black dot in each one for the pupils.

Now, for the fun part, attach various candycorns on the opposite side (the “back” of the turkey) for them to be the feathers, and place one on the face - under the eyes - ;for the beak!

Mixing Pilgrims and Indians

An easy way to represent the two cultures that came together for Thanksgiving, is by depicting their headwear in the cupcakes! These are actually two designs for which you can use a bright orange frosting for the base:
To make the pilgrim hats, create the shape of a traffic cone in black frosting trying to imitate the image on the left over your base frosting with frosting bags and decorating tips. Add a white, thick stripe near the bottom, and yellow square of it middle, and there you go.
For the indian headpieces, try “drawing” two feathers with green and yellow frosting and a small decorating tip. Fill them in with the same colors. Add a slightly curved line to the bottom in white for the headband. Finally, if you'd like, you can take a toothpick and run through the plumage to give it a more “feathery” detail and look. 

The Colorfully Yummy Fall Leaves

Leaves get everyone in the mood for fall. To create these cupcakes, you can experiment with different base colors, leaf colors and leaf shapes! For example, you can do a cupcake with a lemon green base, and a red maple leaf on top. Remember that you can use toothpicks to add the details and veins into the leaf! It's the 

Great Pumpkin 

Pumpkins are a big part of Thanksgiving! For this idea, we're simulating the upper half of the pumpkin: generously cover the top with orange frosting. Make it so it looks like half a circle. Then, with a thick tip and green frosting, build up the stem at the middle of the circle. As a final touch, use a toothpick to create the “ribs” which are the curved vertical lines in pumpkins.

So, if you're looking for creative sweets, try these delicious options for a Thanksgiving dessert that will give your table a cheerful look! Be sure to give them your own spin!

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