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Bread is one of the most ancient foods on earth, it has been used and evolved through many civilizations unit this day. No wonder why we see in the supermarket aisles all those different types of bread: White, sourdough, multi grain, whole wheat etc.

Obviously they are not the same and they all have different nutrients and qualities, but one of the most confusing is the difference between whole grain and multigrain. Here at Great Harvest in Butte, we want you to know the distinction of these words. That's why we made this quick guide so you know the nutritional facts between these two breads.


As it's name says, this bread is composed by many grains and it's not guaranteed that all of the parts of the grain are still there. This means that they are refined and during that process most of it's nutritional values like the germ and bran are removed. 

Whole Grain

Unlike the multigrain, the whole wheat kernel still contains all its three parts: Endosperm, germ and bran. By keeping these elements you can be sure all the nutritious properties of the grain haven't been compromised.

This has many health benefits; it lowers the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Three of the most common diseases in America, that's why the US Department of Agriculture recommends the daily consumption of 6-8 ounces of whole grains. 

We know how much you care about your family and you always want to give them the best. Apart from the evident health reasons, whole grain bread is also delicious!

If you are looking for 100% whole grain bread in Butte, Great Harvestis what you need. 

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